Sporty Lee



Sporty Lee began in a Colorado horse barn in 2009 as a string of modern folk songs and the unexpected musical outlet of Jason D. Heminger. His visceral americana evolved as he endeavored to marry the depths of lyrically-centric folk-rock, lush chamber-pop and psychedelia.

Through experimentation and collaborations, Sporty Lee has produced a new body of work--the full length album Modern Sailing-- captured by famed indie-rock producer Phil Ek. Set to be publicly released in Winter of 2017, the record is being likened  to modern alt-artists Grizzly Bear, Father John Misty, and Tame Impala for its merging of chamber orchestration, skillful lyricism, and melodic psych-pop.

Though Sporty Lee has focused on the writing and recording process, the band has welcomed a growing network of underground support and quiet accolades through private shows and experimental collaborations.

Sporty Lee-1 2016-0223.jpg

Modern Sailing

by Sporty Lee